F-TAG 248 Compliance: Senior Living Regulations

F-TAG 248 and the New Interpretive Guidelines



In Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and other Long-Term Care Facilities.


Avoid costly fines by filling F-Tag 248 requirements with “Senior Classics with Christine” DVD’s!  "…facilities and activities directors that fail to comply with the regulations completely, can be sited and published as deficientfined, or suspended by state surveyors…"


These DVD’s can provide a fun filled backdrop for anexerciseclass or music to dance” to; can be the preferred music”  that “comforts”  all seniors; can soothe”  and emotionally uplift; can be “the music or video” in any room where a resident isolates”  or is non-ambulatory, as per the following:



Activity Approaches for Residents with Behavioral Symptoms

* For the resident who is constantly walking: Providing a space and environmental cues that encourages physical exercise…or a room with a calming atmosphere, for example using music, light and rocking chairs…” “


* For the resident who engages in name-calling, hitting, kicking, yelling, biting, sexual behavior, or compulsive behavior:

…using one-to-one activities or small group activities that comfort the resident, such as their preferred music…” 


* For the resident who disrupts group activities with behaviors such as talking loudly and being demanding… such as uncontrolled crying or anger…

Involving in physical activities such as walking, exercise or dancing…creative programs such as music, art, dance


* For the resident who has withdrawn from previous activity…and isolates self in room/bed most of the day:

Providing in-room volunteer visits, music or videos


* For the resident who lacks awareness of personal safety…:

Focusing attention on activities that are emotionally soothing, such as listening to music

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