About Senior Classics with Christine

Christine Coulson began singing professionally at age 16 and then went on to get a four-year degree in Performing Arts.  She has since performed in numerous musical venues. It wasn’t until her mother went into Assisted Living and a nursing home that she realized the great importance placed on the live entertainment that brought back the cherished songs and melodies of yesteryear.
Four years ago Christine began singing and entertaining strictly in senior communities with the music from the 1920’s - 1960’s.  Recognizing this tremendous need for seniors in rural to large communities nationwide, Christine produced 12 DVD’s of her shows; one for every month of the year.
“Senior Classics with Christine” DVD’s were birthed from a heartfelt gratitude to those generations that made huge personal sacrifices which allow her the freedoms she enjoys in this country today.  As such, her favorite DVD is #7, a tribute to America and all those who have served it.


Enjoy the shows!


Provide quality, uplifting entertainment for seniors.



It’s apparent the senior population has been brushed under the rug in the area of entertainment.  When we consider the time in which the senior population was growing up, the entertainment theme that dominated their lives was music.  Songs they could listen to on the radio and sing-a-long with.  Their socializing was based on big bands, getting dressed for dances in beautiful clothes, in being with one another and sharing in magical moments of music and dance.


Television did not play a role and certainly did not dominate one’s craving for entertainment as it does today.  Movies on the big screen, bigger than life, were a source of entertainment, and this form of entertainment consisted of lavish sets, fabulous costuming where women wore beautiful gowns, gloves and hair coiffed to perfection, and men wore suits and hats.  Today, the wardrobe standard is virtually that of sneakers, jeans, T-Shirts and ugly suits!


Most of the programming consists of murder mysteries and mayhem!  What few comedies there are tend more toward increasing sexual innuendo and a sloppy dress code.  What a travesty for the senior population!  A population that went through numerous world wars to fight for our freedom, endured debilitating depressions, and built this great nation on grit and determination; the population that laid the groundwork for all the spoils we enjoy today.  And they’ve been forgotten, put out to pasture as if they’re needs are inconsequential!  They deserve to be celebrated, recognized, and appreciated in a form of entertainment that meets their needs.


That’s what “Senior Classics with Christine” is all about.